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Matt Bomer and Piper Perabo: License to Thrill

He’s the bad boy, she’s by the book. But when you put two of cable’s sexiest stars together for a photo shoot, a funny thing happens. After shaking off the sand and scrubbing off their sun-kissed makeup, Matt Bomer, who plays White Collar’s swoonworthy con man Neal Caffrey, and Piper Perabo, the Golden Globe-nominated knockout … Continue readingMatt Bomer and Piper Perabo: License to Thrill

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Photos Update

I added 17 photos to the gallery. Credit for the photos are located under each of them. Credit: Frank, padabee, Carol and fe505. Thanks Claudia, Cynthia, and Jaz for the tip!

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Added Celebrity Beach Bowl captures and video

I created a video consisting of Matt’s highlights from the Celebrity Beach Bowl. If you would like to watch the entire game, you can download it here. It was really difficult to make nice captures from the game, but I did my best! PS: Please be sure to vote for Matt as your favorite Beach Bowl player here!

Interview with Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay

Source: New Media Strategies Date: January 6, 2011 Matt and Tim participated in a moderated group Q&A session teleconference on January 6, 2011 to discuss White Collar. SPEAKERS Laura Murphy Tim DeKay Matt Bomer PRESENTATION Moderator: Our first question is from Starry Constellation Magazine. Reporter: I was wondering if either of you could talk a little … Continue readingInterview with Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay

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Alex Pettyfer And Matt Bomer ‘Now’ Guys

While The New York Times today reports that DreamWorks intends to groom its I Am Number Four star Alex Pettyfer for stardom, Fox and New Regency have got him next. Pettyfer and Matt Bomer have been added to play starring roles in Now, the Andrew Niccol-directed film that stars Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. DreamWorks … Continue readingAlex Pettyfer And Matt Bomer ‘Now’ Guys

F.Y.I. Matthew Bomer

Source: Soap Opera Weekly Date: June 18, 2002 Ben, Guiding Light Favorite actors: Ewan McGregor, Robert Duvall Favorite actresses: my friend Lynn Collins or Annalee Jeffries Favorite movie: Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon Greatest fear: great white sharks Favorite TV shows: Six Feet Under, The Simpsons Favorite singer: Stevie Wonder If I could only keep … Continue readingF.Y.I. Matthew Bomer