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Matt Bomer, coming off a starring role in American Horror Story: Hotel, has been tapped as the lead in The Last Tycoon, Amazon Studios’ drama pilot based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s final unfinished novel. The project, from Sony’s TriStar Television, was quietly ordered earlier this month as cast-contingent. The casting of Bomer lifts the contingency, … Continue reading

Best Break-Up Song? FEAT. A/H/S Cast – EW/MP DESIREE just sang her favorite break-up song!I wish I had these stars of American Horror Story with me during my last break-up…Live from the Entertainment Weekly studio #EWComicCon #moviepilotSDCC Posted by on Sunday, July 12, 2015

I added 432 captures and 6 video clips from this week’s episode. PS: I have uploaded photos of Matt’s birthday book! I tried to blur out message and names as best I could. It was delivered to him on October 18th. Thanks again to all the participants! You can view the gallery here.

Since Matt will be turning 36 years old on October 11th, it’s time to get started on his annual birthday project! This year, we’ll be creating a video filled with all your own videos wishing Matt a happy birthday. My talented online friend Dann will be creating the video again, as she did such a … Continue reading

Source: Refinery29 Date: June 13, 2012 We aren’t going to lie here — we watch White Collar, but we’re a bit hazy on the plot lines. It’s hard, really, to focus when hottie Matt Bomer, who plays con-man Neal Caffrey with such devious aplomb, is on screen. So, color us amped when we got the … Continue reading

Source: TV Line Date: July 9, 2012 It’s good to be Neal Caffrey. When USA Network’s White Collar returns this Tuesday at 9/8c for Season 4, the con man is living the life in a beachfront mansion on an exotic island while romancing a local beauty (played by Alias‘ Mía Maestro). But as star Matt … Continue reading

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